IBC 2024

At IBC 2024 as not seen on TV: Smart content solutions to strategize, manage, and engage.


Your building blocks for integrating your content ecosystem.

Your pluggable ecosystem enabler

  • Our platform combines industry best practices with configurability, extensibility, and interoperability to offer your operations a formally documented and release-managed integration framework.
  • This framework serves as the cornerstone for integrating with and within the Mediagenix ecosystem and incorporating Mediagenix applications into any broader operational ecosystem.
  • There is a growing trend towards organizing not only planning workflows but also content, media execution workflows, and strategic workflows of the content lifecycle around one source of truth. Consequently, the range of partner solutions that need to be integrated into a cohesive solution continues to expand.
  • Mediagenix applications seamlessly facilitate this integration.

Secure, extensible, versioned, evolving, and well documented

The Mediagenix Integration Framework comprises several essential building blocks, including configurable reporting, change notification, Business Datasets, and APIs.


Our APIs are standardized for specific domains such as rights management, MAM, and scheduling. The strength of our APIs lies in:


  • REST APIs using JSON payloads
  • well-documented APIs using the OpenAPI Specification
  • continuously evolving APIs based on best practices and input from all of our clients
  • extensible APIs with custom attributes
  • versioned APIs with focus on backwards compatibility
  • APIs with a strong focus on security

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